The Story 


When I was a little girl, I wanted to climb trees, build tree houses, and help change the world. In the fall of 2015 Reclaimed Goodness was born with that same passion at heart. The path here came by way a career in fashion merchandising. While I styled mannequins, created inspiring displays, and constructed props something shifted inside of me. There was an awful lot of perfectly good materials going to waste after our displays were deemed obsolete.  It was then I realized that I had a vision for all this "trash". My purpose is to redefine the meaning of new through design.



The Mission

Reclaimed Goodness is committed to BEING THE CHANGE we wish to see in this world. Our calling is to redefine the meaning of "NEW" through our use of recycled materials and creative designs. 


The Shapes Chose Us...

A lot of people ask what inspires us to make shelves in these shapes.  Honestly, we were just were drawn to the angles and curves so we did some research to find a deeper meaning.  It then became clear that the shapes chose us as the roots in Sacred Geometry are in the study of nature and the mathematical principles at work therein.  Nature is the very thing Reclaimed Goodness seeks to preserve.  The recycled sign is serendipitously a triangle and it also symbolizes these powerful trinities:

▲ Spirit, Mind, Body (1).jpg

So now we ask you, why did these shapes choose you?